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Learning by Doing

It is very effective having hands on experiences during early childhood.

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Hand-made, Tear Resistant, Cleanable

Quiet Books Made of Felt
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  • How do toddlers interact with books?
    June 19, 2021 Nilay Ergen

    How do toddlers interact with books?

    Are torn, stained, and deformed book pages a familiar sight? When children are in the oral period (0-1 years), they put everything in their mouths. In this period, the way of expressing and meeting all the needs of the child...

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  • Child Development
    May 27, 2021 Nilay Ergen

    Child Development

    Child development refers to the sequence of changes in physical, language, cognitive, social-emotional, and self-care skills that occur in a child from birth to early adulthood. In child development, there are skills that children can develop according to their ages. If we know what children can do in their developmental stages, we can support and nurture the development of the child at the point we call 'critical time'.
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  • Quiet Book Design Methodology
    April 25, 2021 Nilay Ergen

    Quiet Book Design Methodology

    Let me explain how I've formulated all this academic research and practical knowledge about child development and educational materials into designing Quiet Book pages.
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