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How do toddlers interact with books?

How do toddlers interact with books?

Are torn, stained, and deformed book pages a familiar sight?

When children are in the oral period (0-1 years), they put everything in their mouths. In this period, the way of expressing and meeting all the needs of the child is the mouth. Sometimes this period continues until the age of 2. Also, this age is a very suitable age for a baby to get their first quiet book. It is important for children to be able to spend time with books at an early age.

When children are alone with books at this age, their attention may be more focused on feeling and touching the book. Or children often start to tear up the books. Usually, they try to bite, chew, lick, and tear the books. While, for the parents, seeing a new bought book torn to pieces may feel frustrating, for the child it is the joy of discovering something new. They have learned to tear!
I designed and produced my books to survive curious children’s harsh treatment. Books that will not be torn or damaged when put into mouths and that can be wiped off when food is spilled will always be with your child.
During this period, you can also teach your child about primary colors, basic shapes, numbers, and daily routines.

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