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4-Page Birds Theme Quiet Book for 12-36 months

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For personalization purpose, please provide the name that you would like to have it in front page of the book. 4 page Quiet book that supports different skills for children between 12-36 months toddlers. Color matching, base numbers, geometric shapes and daily routine skills are supported. You can also include a name tag as shown in the picture on the front page of the book.

Page Sizes: 20x20cm 

20x20 cm quiet book contain 4 pages with different activities that focus on sensory and basic cognitive skills in parallel to toddlers' developmental period.

1st Page – Stork

There is a stork and its eggs on the 1st page. Each egg has a number on it. Each egg is filled with different materials. In this way, while toddlers gain awareness of numbers, they also feel different textures. Sensory development has an important place in Montessori and many other alternative education methods. The fact that children of this age feel and realize different textures is the basis for gaining the experiences they encounter in real life.

2nd Page – Parrot

Commonly, colors are thought to toddlers between 12-36 months by starting from the main colors. Toddlers can practice on main colors here.

3rd Page – Birds

There are 4 different geometrical shapes introduced via birds. Toddlers are expected to match each of them properly by role playing. Additionally, the birds are designed as finger puppet that you can improvise your role play as you wish.

4th Page – Bee

This page is both fun for kids and a tutorial for their daily routine. I designed it for 12–36-months toddlers. Supports children's fine motor skills. 12-36 months old toddlers love to tear and stick. Thanks to the Velcro fasteners on this page, they will be able to stick it again.