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Quiet Book Design Methodology

Quiet Book Design Methodology


 Designing user experience is an extensive process and is very demanding when it comes to designing experiences for the toddlers according to their developmental period.

First of all, as an academician I've started researching on the education materials for the different groups of toddlers between 6-60 months and reading academic papers about the development periods and education materials.

Secondly, I figured out that there are 3 main age (in months) groups which are 12-36, 36-48 and 48-60 months to start designing Quiet Book pages for. Additionally, I categorized the skills that need to be supported individually at each age group.

Let me explain how I've formulated all this academic research and practical knowledge about child development and educational materials into designing Quiet Book pages.

  • Determine the target skill(s) to develop
    • Counting
    • Geometrical Shapes
    • Colors
    • Daily Routines
  • Specify the target skill(s) for each age group
    • 12-36 months
    • 36-48 months
    • 48-60 months
  • Sketch the page design for each group
  • Digital design of the sketched pages
    • Final decision on the pages and review end user experience
  • Creat patterns for sewing
  • Sew the book!
    • Last but not least :)



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