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4-Page Daily Routines Theme Quiet Book for 48-60 months

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For personalization purpose, please provide the name that you would like to have it in front page of the book. 4 page Quiet book that supports different skills for children between 36-48 months toddlers. Color matching, base numbers, geometric shapes and daily routine skills are supported. You can also include a name tag as shown in the picture on the front page of the book.

 Page Sizes: 20x20cm

1st Page – Shoe lacing

On this page, toddlers are practicing tying shoelaces that supports their daily routines. Loosening and tying the shoelace promotes fine motor skills development. It also contributes to the toddler’s hand-eye coordination and cognitive development. While doing all this, the toddler is supported at her/his own learning speed and willingness to learn.

2nd Page – Hand

The second page is used to practice basic counting skills. The fingertips have a layer of Velcro allowing them to be attached to the palm. Toddlers can count the number of fingers and point to the colorful numbers on the right of the page. There are also wooden beads that can be slid along the bottom of the page, which children can count.

3rd Page – Fishes in an Aquarium

This page has four different colored circles with Velcro in a fishbowl and four fish of matching colors. The bowl contains circles and not fish in order to increase the challenge for the child, as matching two identical things would be much easier. However, matching a circle with the corresponding-colored fish requires a higher degree of cognitive development and is an example of object-color matching. This encourages your child to develop the skill to match objects based on various criteria, such as size, shape, color etc.

4th Page – Train

There is a shape matching activity exist on this page. Toddlers can learn triangle, square, circle and rectangle with shapes. The toddler matching shapes by putting them in the space where they belong. Matches are made using snaps. The snaps are also support the fine motor skills development. Additionally, the page supports basic skills related to geometry, thus supports cognitive development.